Stone and Tea

The philosopher's stone
Has been with me so long
And so strong
That I don't know what to write and pass

I pass that which has little meaning
And bring that which has further being
Beyond my existence
I see few but quibbles
Passing teas and other simples
But know not of their meaning
Nor their quaff
In their ideas lie pebbles of laugh
Laughing at their quibbles and quarry
For simple people only worry
Wonder what might have come
What might have become
May have become half
Because of their needless story
Without needless story
Their apartment would be half
Wood be half
Their n'alf would wither and crush
Under weight its own
It's known, chase and flush
The young girl's cheeks to blush
Let her know your love is unpassing
And love hers to thee is glassing
To brittleness is thrashing
And to bull in shop is crashing

The New S***, Stand Up and B****

The Price is Right:
My gf and I are going out for her 21st bday pretty soon. Can't wait to show her the ropes. I took off work that night just for it. So, I have a couple projects, one is the extremely odd noise I call music. My music name is Dr. Crackenstein. I write instrumental and I'm having a tough time convincing my gf I can produce good rawk because its so wierd. I got her an acoustic geetar for yule and she's finally getting down to learning some dischordia. She wants to remake "Wonderful World", the Ramones version, which I told her is a fuckin cover song anyways (Louie Armstrong). An so I laid all the cords down on my computator which I programmed note by note using Buzz. (see And she wants to learn all the chords for it so I wrote 'em all down and now she's practicing and getting good.