Chris and Gorgoroid

The Price is Right:
has a fascination with gothic culture
thinks he's a dark magician but he's really a quack
tries to be cold but he's quite tame
yearns to become otherworldly
prides on his attire
Chris has been involved in gothic culture since he was a teenager. He became popular performing at European festivals primarily in Germany and Holland. While he was on hiatus in the Mediterranean he attends a convention in Istanbul. He sees a belly dancer who gives him the eye while performing. After her show he goes to see her at the fortune telling booth. He feels drawn to her as though he had seen her before. He felt a strong sense of deja vous as he sat down at her behest. He introduced himself to her. "Hi, my name is Chris. I was watching you perform and your act is fantastic. Thanks for inviting me over. Do I know you from somewhere?" he asked.



Polymorph Mechanoid


Antigravity drive, Electromagnetic forcefield, Polymorph

positronic pulse cannon, neutron torpedos

Background History

System error! I cannot follow those orders. Gorgoroid was manufactured on the planet Proceon as a polymorphing mechanoid to serve the Overlords in suppressing the human population. He became aware of a higher conciousness and refused to follow orders and was exiled from the planet. He locked on to a distant signal where he hoped to find a righteous race of beings. He traveled through the void of interstellar space for centuries and grew monomaniacal and self-centered. He engaged his forcefield and plunged through the atmosphere of the new planet and began a campaign of attrition to become lord of the strange world. Will he be destroyed in battle or can he be turned back to the purity of virtue with which he began his mission?

Character Description
    He has four forms which he can take at will:
  • a floating orb of 6.5 feet in diameter
  • an ogre in bipedal motion at 12 feet in height ^
  • a lion in quadrupedal motion of 9 feet in length
  • an all-terrain motorized trike.

Gorgoroid has an antigravity drive which allows him to fly freely about the atmosphere and even into outer space. He has an electromagnetic forcefield which looks like a silver orb which deflects energy based attacks. However he cannot use his own weapons with the sheild engaged. He has two weapons: a positronic pulse cannon and neutron mortars. The positronic pulse cannon ejects a high speed wave of antimatter which explodes on contact with air resulting in a spray of hellfire in a 30 foot cone. The neutron torpedos launch upward and fall to explode near the ground with concussive force. They have a range of 600 feet and a blast radius of 15 feet.

Ravana and Rokuemon

The Price is Right:
Name: Ravana
Sex: Male
Species: Bengal Tiger
Orientation: Male
Occupation: Personal guard of the Princess
Age: 18
Place: Palace of Nana Sahib, Bithoor, Uttar Pradesh, British East India
Time: early Victorian Age, 1857
Background: The Rao family was deposed by the British East India company in the 1820s however they still retained their title and served as figureheads to help morale of Indians under the yoke. They resided in the beautiful palace of Nana Sahib on a fortified hill in Northern India. The Indian Revolt is raging and the fort is busy training and supplying soldiers to the revolution. The British have become wise to the covert operations of the fortress.
Ravana has been sleeping in the room of the beautiful Princess _____ since she was five years old. During the day while she was at schooling, Ravana was being trained to be her faithful and ruthless personal bodyguard. Ravana is faithful and loyal and will follow the Princess everywhere and she could even ride him. She sometimes talks to him and she swears he's the best listener. He will lay down his life for her. She is unaware that this is the eve of destruction for the Palace as the British advance to lay Siege to the palace.

*Character Name: Rokuemon


*Race:tanuki (racoon-dog, shifter)

Occupation: Merchant, teacher

Personality: Rokuemon is a typical raccoon dog (tanuki): greedy, mischievous, exceptionally clever, digs through trash, laughs at things that aren't funny to anyone else. He likes to draw attention to himself by telling jokes and pulling pranks on people.

*Age: 1400

*Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: straight

Marital status: unwed

Height/Weight: 1.38m/85lbs

Eyes/Hair: Brown/Brown

Identifying characteristics: In his natural form, huge tanuki testicles, brown fur, always grinning, black eye patches.

Known special abilities: can disguise himself as an inanimate object, human or another kind of demon; his testicles can be used as an umbrella, a floatation device, a card table, a carpet, a tent, a parachute or anything else his devious little mind can think of, they also bring good fortune in money.

Preferred weapons: his testacles can be used as a blunt weapon but usually he uses his trickery and shifting abilities to demoralize his attacker.

Likes: women, money, sake, music, food, parties, festivals

Dislikes: sour people, people with more money, viciousness, the smell of fish

Known family: Rokuemon had 3 older brothers and two older sisters which is why he is called Six.

*History: Rokuemon was a normal tanuki born in Tayatama and grew up rummaging the town dump with his mother and siblings. One day as they were digging through a pile of rags when Roku found a priceless silk obi that looked like silver. He played with it and tore it to shreds and ate it. It brought him extreme good fortune, long life and great big testacles.



Character Sheets: Honore and Thully

The Price is Right:
Guttsu no Beruze-ruku Guts! from Berserk
Name: Honoré Chartreuse
Species: Wampaia
Age: 200 (looks forever 24)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: straight
Personality: Honoré is a cold-hearted and driven psychopath. He derives pleasure by seeing others in pain. Like when a friend tried to quit smoking, he started smoking himself just to make it impossible, then he quit. He doesn't let others see him sweat. He loves to take horserides along the ocean shore. He is spiteful, if someone embarasses him or makes him look bad he works hard to get them back times ten.
Background: Honoré was born in a small town of the Alsace where he grew up getting into trouble. He liked to do things like steal money from the church and deface the public institutions. He left for Paris when he was a 15 and found a job as a bouncer at a brothel because he was such a huge kid. Needless to say he grew up quickly and gained a reputation for his quick temper.The work earned him some money but he developed a crush on many of the women who worked there and it was obvious. On his 18th birthday the girls through him a party and as a rite of passage they got him to do some very embarrasing things for them. He vowed to pay them back and kept business out of the brothel until they fired him. But now he has a love-hate thing for women. Whenever he feels he is getting close to a woman now he pushes them away forcefully but regrets it later.

*Character Name:Thularezin

Alias: Thully


Occupation: Bard

Personality: Thularezin is self-assured, assertive, conniving, helpful, boastful, charming, lacksadaisical, unflinching, hyperaware, clever, witty, musical, avaricious and vegetarian.

*Age: 37

*Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: straight

Marital status: unwed

Height/Weight: 1.45/96lbs.

Eyes/Hair: Blue/Blonde

Identifying characteristics: Thularezin is so fair he could be mistaken for female. He has a elven tribal sleeve tattoo on his upper arm. He has a white scar across the right side of his nose. He has a graceful but aggressive gait and poise. His speach is always rhythmic and often rhymes, he is a natural poet.

Known special abilities: Thularezin is such an excellent musician he can enchant most anyone with his songs. He is a master of disguise and acrobatics. He can enchant his arrows with elemental spells. He is really good at climbing trees.

Preferred weapons: He is sharp with a longbow and deadly with his throwing knives.

Likes: Animals, musical instruments, beautiful women, wine, money, horseriding, singing, whittling, camping, travelling.

Dislikes: Whining, capriciousness, jealousy, aristocracy

Known family: only child, parents are living.

*History: Thularezin was born in the hidden elven village of Yilara, constructed high in the treetops of the Easterbaum woods. His father was prominant in the counsel but Thularezin didn't care so much about matters of state. Instead of studying the books his father gave him, could be found working wood statuary or working on a song with his biwa (stringed instrument). One day he performed a concert for the village but the lyrics to one of his songs was so offensive that he was publicly shamed. He refused the punishment, to revoke his words, and left the village rather than face further humiliation and he has since to return.
He found a calling in the human world working as a minstrel. He quickly gained a reputation for his travelling show, he would perform songs, acrobatics, dance and magic. Soon, he was being harkened by noble courts and towns everywhere to perform. On the road he became a seasoned combatant, fending off bandits and creatures of the wild. He became deft with a bow and learned how to throw knifes. He takes special care in whittling his own arrows that he can enchant with fire, ice, earth or lightning.
*Picture: Elf Bard: hosted on Crunchyroll.