The Price is Right: Could college be easier? It takes a mere 50 hours of my life every week. But, hey, it's not decorative stucco or some shitty job like that.
I know you wanna get laid tonight
But I'm tryin' ta get paid tonight
We ain't even gotta fuss and fight
Just hit me right; it's on all night
I know you wanna get in bed with me
But, you gotta come correctly
Nothin' in life is free: Especially not me.
-Chyna Whyte, "Nothins Free", Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz Kings of Crunk, (c) 2002 TVT Records
Well, at least, Chyna you tellin me this 'fo we git started. I had a girl just disappear with my CDs and wallet.


Skippin school is an important part of your education. It tells your professors where they stand. Namely, that they're getting paid $75,000 a year and you're going to make it easy for them.
P.S. Put yo' hood up! Bia-bia! Okay!