Free form poetry

The Price is Right:
Free form poetry:
once there was a charity
a girl missing a soul
when the world saw her she shrank
all the old wizards propped her and hoped she would overcome the boundaries she imagined herself in
One day in the darkness of her own dispair
she came upon a firefly zipping about her hair
the kharmic repercussions of drowning in depression
had not prepared her for this little friend
When she looked closer she saw it was a little person
Glowing within eerily like photoplankton consumed had it.
it looked like a little her
it smiled wryly and she smiled back
and without warning it flew up her nose and disappeared
she felt the glow inside her
it began to dissolve the darkness and grew and grew and grew.
until she burst forth with light
her depression and fear suddenly gone in this one moment
she had found her inner light
quite by accident