Sigfried: Hello, Zakri. My name is Sigfried. I was the first slayer of the dragon Fafnir. I was born in Norway by a fjord called Jantermasht. My favorite place to visit was the Northwest Sea. I crossed the ocean to visit a queen in Iceland. I wish to speak to you about Ragnarok.
Zak: Hello, I am familiar with your life story, but it has been a long time since I have read it. I have a sword know as the Dragonslayer which was given to me by Fafnir. Do you feel it is appropriate and how do you rate the sword?
Sig: It has awesome power and I, Sigfried, would even hesitate upon its sight if you were my foe in battle.
Zak: Do you think a Valkyrie would beat me if I wielded it and she were using a good sword?
Sig: I think a Valkyrie would hesitate but fight grimly against you and perhaps with good footwork she might disarm you and kill you.
Zak: What about Ragnarok concerns me and does it concern you and I together?
Sig: I do not know if we shall fight together side-by-side in that battle. But you are a godd man and I believe we will fight on the same side and it would be sideous to fight beside you with your excellent reaver.
Zak: Thank you, sir. And for me it will be and honor if we fight together as suggested. Do you have any poetry to share? It is only a ritual when I meet an entity as we have now.
Sig: Ye I have something to write for you to share and I will be proud to have a brilliant psychic as you write it for me.
"He walked alone and fought dragons
And they would pay him tribute to remain living
They would treaty with him and cause less trouble
He is strong but not invincible

He will be wak for a lady who loves him
Yes, and having found her will make her love
And thier loves will be like a fortress
Walling them to protect form dragons her tenderness"
Forgive me for speaking in an odd tense, for my view is extemporal and I see things differently. Yes, I Sigfried was writing of you, K. You shall prosper as you grow to love this man you are with. He will never stop loving you and will do so much hardship and burden that your appreciation is needed.
He is lucky to be right that you will not leave him without cause. But be careful to measure cause against others who have benefitted you. For though Mervyncoll is not perfect he is unfailing in his love and faithfulness. Let him portion his money and know that his plans are to keep you happy for years when you want something for to-day. God bless you, Karen, and godspeed.
And be at peace, Zakri. And be vigilant and diligent and know your enemies will expose weakness. You shall prvail as you persevere patiently.
Zak: Goodbye elder warrior friend.
Sig: Fare thee well to you all. Goodnight.


Ode to Seiji Musashi

The Price is Right:
Evokation of Musashi
The soul stealer.
Rugged. Ripped. Recumbant.
The immaculate blade.
Pearl set hilt.
The devisor, demonizer, haunt:
Punisher of ill-fated twits.
The fire and ice,
The red leaf.
Hiding among the shadows
In nook behind door.
When the door shuts,
The slaughter becomes art.
Not to wound.
Not to show-off.
But to kill quickly.
To repose into the subtle art of mind
Poetry, painting, dancing are all the deign.
Design to enrich.
To sculpt,
To cut away rubble;
Leaving the finely polished stone
To sing forever its lilt.
Thee Master, O Master!
Guide my hands in affinity
So my work is known as the finest.