Live For Life

Live For Life

So old days come to haunt
Like ghosts when books of evil are opened
To chew the flesh and rob the mind
But spill out the sore and be healed
If leeches don't work then aspirin, chop-chop!

Off and over the sky runs the beatiful Sun
to burn the untrue to blisters and bring to good
Power, raw energy
Flowing like current capacitance
Amplified! Billowing! Burning the hate
And spilling out for all who seek truth
To grab hold and furnish themselves
For deliberation is true freedom
Which rings out, "Damn me for truth, darest I thee!
Bring me my cup and let me drink of it
Be it water or wine or poison
But never empty."
That never one darest to bringeth it so!;

And forward to Live
And forward in Life
To breathe to breathe
And drink to drink
And eat to eat
And Live for Life!

Get A New Way

Get A New Way

So many times I saw this girl
She waivered in her good and bad to seek one
To tame the ancient world
That boils inside her
Like old magick secret social aspirations
Gravedust and spell of seeking wisdom
Too ancient and wearing forbidden signets!
Of course to do the same we know to change
The WORDS to mean TODAY'S meaning
Which was lost in the burning of Cities
Growing sprigs of holly in the broken rocks
For love we must show how to translate
The silly golden rules and add them in proportion!
To prove this is tough but shall be done

Tuath Sheradh

Tuath Sheradh

The tuath is an old way of teaching the youth to spell
The tuath is an old way of seeing the grave
The tuath is an old way of telling a story
The tuath is an old way of making weapons and warriors
The tuath is a clan that seeks the infinite knowledge
The tuath is forever building
a secret cove
in the hill
where faeries of Dana
can hide from their jailors
The tuath is seeking more that a crop
a bear an eagle a derelict fox
a fish with a belly full of eggs
a porpoise which plays around rosemary hedge
a magical spear made of a whale bone
The tuath can speak through its holes in the ground
where timber of extinct pine trees exude
where shards of painted red clay are
with black beads strewn



She sang a song that stirred hearts and sent blessings
When she moves its like a swan on the lake
She she she is so beautiful in the closed eyes of a craned listener
Out of the darkness of my closed eyes
Come blue royal tones of color, soft shape of her curly voice
Smooth and choclate and my eyes open
And she stands there with her black dress shimmering
Like a million diamonds beckoning me to steal them
The brown even skin begs to be stroked like silk She cannot be had, but to see her and hear her voice
Is to love and to be loved



The old days are coming
Old days
When old songs were sung
Old old old song
My song sung days ago
Solo performance
Out of the air
Sure to fascinate the ladies
Sung with brilliance
And wrapped in care
That all could ever hear
That all could sing it
Once it was sung
And ne'ermore need I
To sing it again
For over every dale
Could be heard hands
Singing my song
Til the cows come home
And the pigeons to roost
And the mockingbirds
Crew all the while long

An Ostara Poem

The Price is Right:An Ostara Poem

Old ways are coming back!
Can you feel the arrows pointing here at the Sun?
Sometimes my smile points up there but to the moon too.
Our favorite kisses draw a line to happy places.
Play a game called "Somewhere in Time."
Where time stops and moments are counted out.
Like tokens to a slot machine.
And wishes are granted for the correct spin.
Blazing orange lights up the wheels.
And thoughts are given high priority.
Carelessness shall pass like some old aging ogre.
Prophecies shall light upon your tressled cheek.
Like kisses-me-here little whispers.
Voices in the wind in the trees
As the little squirrel scrambles and chatters away.
Making us unified
Gathered to meet
As cold wind utters his last breath.


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Crimson and Clover

"Crimson and Clover
Over and over."
Solo one alone
Argentine solitary bar
Provost solemn dignified
Gathered flowers for his family altar
Sequins red, on red linin coat
Chipper and yet slow
Graceful as the infinitesimal
Benign as the puffer fish
Sickle spritzes his face with heavy dew.
Descends the mountain while rises the sun.
To extend his sacrament
The ancients' pride
A bestowal of favor
The high masters of old


The Price is Right:
Commemoration of the beginning.
The Ulster king, Conchobar.
The druid, Cathabad.
The warrior, Cuchulain.
Over the windows I peek at the swirl.
Roaring back upon itself.
So high and utter. Shear.
Whisked away and transported to strawberries lush and ripe.
Fragrant and earth moist and dewed.
The sun begun to bake.
And a hill rolls away to the sea.
I face south toward the winding meadow.
Ribbons of yellowy verdure.
A fence hewn rough, a gable ornamental.
A wicker screen for growing pole beans.
Don't tell them the rest, she cautions.
But do you know this place?


Free form poetry

The Price is Right:
Free form poetry:
once there was a charity
a girl missing a soul
when the world saw her she shrank
all the old wizards propped her and hoped she would overcome the boundaries she imagined herself in
One day in the darkness of her own dispair
she came upon a firefly zipping about her hair
the kharmic repercussions of drowning in depression
had not prepared her for this little friend
When she looked closer she saw it was a little person
Glowing within eerily like photoplankton consumed had it.
it looked like a little her
it smiled wryly and she smiled back
and without warning it flew up her nose and disappeared
she felt the glow inside her
it began to dissolve the darkness and grew and grew and grew.
until she burst forth with light
her depression and fear suddenly gone in this one moment
she had found her inner light
quite by accident