Rudolph the Red-Eyed Reindeer

The Price is Right: A song I wrote myself in the 9th grade.

Rudolph the Red-Eyed Reindeer
Had a very shiny pipe
And if you ever sold him
He'd smoke weed of any type

All of the other reindeer
Thought he was a real asshole
They never let poor Rudolph
In on any reindeer bowls

Then one cloud-nine Christmas Eve
Santa came to say
Rudolph with your pipe so bright
Won't you smoke us up tonight?

Then how the reindeer loved him
And they showered him with tree
Rudolph the Red-Eyed Reindeer
Smoke another bowl with me


The Price is Right: So I can get totally ripped for almost free at my downtown pharmacy. Try this mixture:
Zak's Boom-Fizz Herb Toke.
1 g Damiana (Turnera diffusa aphrodisiaca)
1 g Coltsfoot (Asarum canadense)
.5 g Datura (Datura stramonium)
And roll it all up or smoke it in your pipe.
The cost: buy all ingredients by the ounce and have 30 doses for US$4.00!
It went great with smooth a Kentucky Bourbon by the name of Ezra Brooks (great standalone whiskey, too btw).
Not quite as good as Salvia Divinatorum but if you really like that horrible stuff this mix might not do it for you. But I "highly" recommend it if you are looking for a cheap, legal buzz.