Intro to Utoshi.

*Utoshi glares at the ceiling fan and sees out the window of the diner. Well, it is a cafe but where I come from we would further specialize as a diner.*
"Oh well what is that I smell on the grill, it smells like some spicy fish!"
"Well, spicy fish," said the waiter, "Why don't you grab a buffet plate, then."
*The smell of fresh curry mashes the bases of Utoshi's sense.*
*He espies what the dutiful Black Rainbow has shown for him.
"If the sun goes down, I get out of town," Utoshi swore to himself.
"But to preserve my father's honor", he added, "I will serve it."
"Well, you know what?", inquired the manager, "I heard from Kei$ha, here
that you are looking for a job."
"I will serve you my sensei," and the young Utoshi swore his father's oath
by putting a stashed bottle of o-sake firmly to his lips and "draughting" a swig.
He then pushes it into Maihi's hands and dutifully implore he drink.
With purest tidings, the boss imparted and sprinkled some o-sake on
the ground. He beckoned Utoshi come over the line. And as he did
Maihi said, "You have potential to someday scrub dishes very well.
I will put you by the soda fountain. Put on your apron, because we are a
man short today, and it's a good thing you are dressed up. Come on with me,
we'll put your axe+."
"May freshen up some, sensei?"
"Please do so quickly, beg your pardon."
+this is a bfg, a beautiful fu**** guitar.

Blake Shadowfang - character profile

zac efron with beardName: Blake Porter Shadowfang Age: 19

Orienation: Straight

Species: Guardian

Personality: Cerebral and severe. Blake always finds a way to get what he wants. He visualizes a means to his goals and executes his plans with decisiveness and clarity. His spirit arrays like the sun, strategy appears to stream from every move. He keeps his composure for most endeavors but when he does show emotion it shoots from him like shuriken: pure and straight to the point. He remains vigilant, living in the moment, by The Way. His honor is his pride and all is fair in love and war. He welcomes challenges with an open mind and adapts quickly.

Physical: Eyes of emerald recall the breezy hills of Ireland. A tight-trimmed, dark brown mustache accents wry upturned lips. Light whiskers pepper his jaundice complexion. His huge veiny hands look like he crushes rocks for fun, bound as they are to muscular, toned arms. His stocky torso tapers just slightly to his fit waist. His hair is in tasteful whorls of chocolate, falling in his eyes when he walks.

In wolf form he is a pure black winter wolf. His body is lean but his limbs and paws are huge. His eyes become grey, seeming pure moonlight in the dark. black wolf

Story: The Shadowpaw clan are tricksters that seem to show up just before bad luck befalls. They prefer to live just behind the thin veil of the shadows, relying upon silent movement to locate unwary victims. They prey upon the disillusion of humans, taking form of dark-haired humans or wolves and lurking in the shadow of night, they appear when least expected. They use psychological games to evoke strong emotions from their victims so they can rob them. People are like pawns to them yet they have great respect for other Guardians. The clan is seeking a diplomatic arrangement to begin hunting in the South. They have been home in the Great Divide Basin for decades but are falling on lean times. To symbolize this union of affairs the Shadowfang chief offered Blake, his only son, for marriage to Denai.

Blake finds Denai very attractive but is intimidated by her strength yet he is encouraged to pursue her of his own volition despite her distaste at being objectified for the sake of a deal. He seeks to win her over by his own merit but is also willing to use pressure to gain her. At official functions, (or negotiations) has gotten the idea in his head since everyone says what a great looking couple they make; and this is true. However, personality is quite another matter, and yet Blake seems blissfully unaware of this contingency rather ignoring it, and hoping time heals all. He finds himself incredibly attractive and why would she think different?

(Photos and some ideas are not original, my writing is all-original to my knowledge)