Too True

The Price is Right:
I could fall in love with anyone right now
There's something so special about me
Just anyone could help me take the pain away
And there doesn't have to be any

Just anyone could move my heart
And make me feel at home everywhere
To Ask me "do you love me"
I say "Yes and I love you wholly"

And it could be forever
If you want it that way
I really feel like this about everyone
There's nobody on my mind in particular

Do you know what I mean?
How could this be asking to much?
I feel like I love you
But I never know what I really want

I'm just a silly boy
My feeling don't mean anything
I'm just waiting for anyone really
No one in particular



The Price is Right:
Now that I've found a calling
I can ask the question 'who God is?'
I can get my way if I work and pray
And never give up my positivity

To assert my position with deliberation
Is to accept the mission with evisceration
To have no question that I can't answer
Like why I turned away the pretty dancer

I pretend that I'd do it again
As I sit alone on this here bench
Solace and suvival instict was payed
No advice but Lord's Will displayed

I'll permit myself only the right action
I forward my progress without distraction
Under His permission and my assurance
To wander no more in base imprudence