Conversations 4: Morgana 1

Z: I wish to speak to her marvelous beauty
Morgana the Fair.
M: Hello, Zakri.
What brings thee to me?
Z: I wish to know of your list supreme
When we made love as in a dreme
To be faking illusion it didst not seme
Here I kick back a full tyne
And waiting for the return of love o' myne
Or else shouldst truly be
For love grows in me as a mighty oak tree
Such little squirrel
M: Well, young love,
I've beheld your subtle wand'rings
In sephiroth above
And am privy to such pond'rings
When you and I didst mete
In revelrie so swete
I bore off with me thy soughing
To make your spirit in infinite 'mem'brance ever glowyng
As doth it in genuine caring for lyfe
Thus wrought mistletoe staundyng one foote upon
On new moon night with silver scycle knyfe.
Your innocent pleasaunce and trewe love believynge
Is lyke unto the spring ewe a-bleetynge
In the cloudy climes of fair Avalon
Hold'st in me thy pearl.
Z: Told'st me my love that intentions thyne
Shouldst I be wary of as Jude and Pallatine
M: Paper is fragile and deeds be stone
As ferverent as old Arafat's throne
Be. Wrought art champions missiles thrown.
Z: Greatful I am of wisdom of thine.
What role playest I now with weeping Salicyne?
M: Welcome back dear, I your magick accept.
Your tenderness to my bosom is clept.
Changed thy wish now, I ask-- I presume
A new love thou may best assume
You know why and where secrets were destroyed
They led to complicated feelings to avoid
Luck you hadst a few nights employed
Careful were you to remain adroit.
Though she did ask me about us
I told'st her to give you no doubt
To best her interest was hold taut
Lessons great have ye to she taught.
Z:Morgana, may I wrest you once more
To continue interrogation pleasant as before?
M: Hello again, Zakri.
I'm beginning to get attached to our repore.
Tis no rude chore. What bothers thee j'amour?
Z: Well, lovelyest of Camelot.
How shall I move about?
I look for work with none about.
Should I leave town and get the hell out?
M: It's cold in your hutch, Brer rabbit, no doubt.
I'd suggest awhile that you stick it out.
I want you to see what happens at home
But leave before returning stalks of brome
So that you can visit Holland with the full tome.
Of ancient knowledge with new paint in poem.
Z: Heh, yer flattery makes me merry and jocound
What sayest thou of success on the old mapmound?
M: As soon as you drop down, start hustlin'
A city like Amsterdam is ever bustlin'
Make a bang you must, no rabbit's rustlin'
Get to know many people and careful who you trust in.
Z: Your wisdom abounds--
Let me ask of a different round.
When due is our pearl resound?
M: In anouther temporal slipstream
Our distant night's love is to redeem
In that land we both visit
A full Sabat circle from then is it.
Z: What formation will it take
Such odd energies we did make
I wonder if human, meatwad, fry or shake?
M; Nay, lol. Our lovechild shall be no Aqua Teen.
Though, not any like child has Earth yet seen.
Half-dragon; you Ryugyu and I Celtic queen.
Z: How was chosen that? Others I could have been.
Say, the vampire Sirchade or the Celtic king.
Would these other features be sticking?
M: Aspects of these that are common to the whole
Shall in this beautiful, strange youth extoll.
Such as Caramon who skyward gazed
Though full reaslized he 'twas pool a-glazed
As will she with curious wonton amazed
Have in her eyes the stars ablazed