Implications of Dirac's Formula

Once for every Planck's constant of time hbar equals h over 2 pi the entire universe undergoes the big bang. This is the implication of Dirac's theory. That is 9.1 x 10 ^ 35 times per second (roughly) the entire universe undergoes an oscillation phase between matter and non-matter. (More correctly, it is a two-pole oscillation that goes: matter, non-matter, anti-matter, non-anti-matter. And even more correctly it is a 3-pole oscillation.......) Every quanta disappears virtually and then randomly appears simultaneously, or at least to the perspective of a (human, 3D) conscious observer.
Does this mean I can walk through a wall? Why yes, but it is extremely unlikely. A body of matter, or specifically in this case a human body is composed of a vast and unthinkable quantity of quanta. The probability is relative to this quantity that a spontaneous Kt-event may occur (like passing through a wall) for a large body object as described.
Yet it is still a matter of fact that a particular quantum within the body will randomly reappear perhaps a half-universe away, the probability that another random quantum will replace it increases with the mass of the object being observed. That is to say as we "zoom-out" to a larger frame of reference the probability that entirety of the object will "wink" out of existence decreases proportionally. Every particle in the universe experiences this oscillation of coming into being and destruction, it is simply the average of this activity which we experience as a conscious reality. What is important about this phenomenon as conscious observers is not the how or the why but rather the fact that it happens at all. What exists from a certain perspective is not "to be or not to be" but a collection of probabilities of existence in a large enough sample as to outweigh the odds of non-existence.


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JW Hollibush said...

Zakri you are a genius! I call this valent meta-matter phases. I believe the year for the human race is off by at least 1.2 k years. There is also faster than light particles which were still struggling to identify which I feel is akin to how consciousness travels ass van halens jump.