Chris and Gorgoroid

The Price is Right:
has a fascination with gothic culture
thinks he's a dark magician but he's really a quack
tries to be cold but he's quite tame
yearns to become otherworldly
prides on his attire
Chris has been involved in gothic culture since he was a teenager. He became popular performing at European festivals primarily in Germany and Holland. While he was on hiatus in the Mediterranean he attends a convention in Istanbul. He sees a belly dancer who gives him the eye while performing. After her show he goes to see her at the fortune telling booth. He feels drawn to her as though he had seen her before. He felt a strong sense of deja vous as he sat down at her behest. He introduced himself to her. "Hi, my name is Chris. I was watching you perform and your act is fantastic. Thanks for inviting me over. Do I know you from somewhere?" he asked.



Polymorph Mechanoid


Antigravity drive, Electromagnetic forcefield, Polymorph

positronic pulse cannon, neutron torpedos

Background History

System error! I cannot follow those orders. Gorgoroid was manufactured on the planet Proceon as a polymorphing mechanoid to serve the Overlords in suppressing the human population. He became aware of a higher conciousness and refused to follow orders and was exiled from the planet. He locked on to a distant signal where he hoped to find a righteous race of beings. He traveled through the void of interstellar space for centuries and grew monomaniacal and self-centered. He engaged his forcefield and plunged through the atmosphere of the new planet and began a campaign of attrition to become lord of the strange world. Will he be destroyed in battle or can he be turned back to the purity of virtue with which he began his mission?

Character Description
    He has four forms which he can take at will:
  • a floating orb of 6.5 feet in diameter
  • an ogre in bipedal motion at 12 feet in height ^
  • a lion in quadrupedal motion of 9 feet in length
  • an all-terrain motorized trike.

Gorgoroid has an antigravity drive which allows him to fly freely about the atmosphere and even into outer space. He has an electromagnetic forcefield which looks like a silver orb which deflects energy based attacks. However he cannot use his own weapons with the sheild engaged. He has two weapons: a positronic pulse cannon and neutron mortars. The positronic pulse cannon ejects a high speed wave of antimatter which explodes on contact with air resulting in a spray of hellfire in a 30 foot cone. The neutron torpedos launch upward and fall to explode near the ground with concussive force. They have a range of 600 feet and a blast radius of 15 feet.

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